Lore Life

Lore began with the belief that there could be a place that global wellness, beauty and lifestyle products could be expertly curated through a lens of curiosity and holistic awareness. Grounded in earth-based wisdom and at the helm of delivering individualized wellness, for-real-life.

The home of cultivated wellness,
a space of curated luxury.

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Live Lore

With many of us currently seeking a closer connection to our physical, mental and social wellbeing, Lore is a space that advocates and educates, rejuvenates and awakens, a sanctuary amidst the urban noise.

A place to discover the natural, the healing, the immersive. Filling your senses with the power of simplicity, balancing luxury with purpose and offering a complete approach to creating a healthy, centered way of living.

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Product Curation

Maintaining an independent approach to product research and advocacy, Lore delivers a curation with deep connection to plant-based healing and innovation.

Products are launched with a sincere desire to deliver client-centric wellness, that demystifies ancient healing remedies and contemporizes their application for the awakened soul, seeking more.


Eminent formulations

The result is a collection that shifts existing paradigms and captures the best of new-age luxury.

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