A Guide to LORE Living

 Health is the state of your Body, Wellness is the state of being. LORE believes in the power of: Health, Innovation, Balance, Focus and Beauty.
So often, hectic schedules dictate how and when we can take care of ourselves. Our product choices verge on convenience; our self-care rituals border necessity. While we are intrigued by quality, we are driven by opportunity.

LORE began with the belief that there could be a place where global beauty, wellness and lifestyle products are expertly curated through a lens of curiosity and holistic awareness. LORE reimagines CBD through earth-based wisdom and natural luxury to elevate your health and balance your lifestyle. We defy tradition and transform your wellness experience into a heightened, healing remedy. Our offerings are tailored to an everyday lifestyle yet refined for a personalized experience.


LORE’s curated products heal from the inside out. We nurture healthy living in a space designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. We strive for reflective wisdom in all aspects of our learning and promise to elevate your growth as your mind evolves.



With many of us seeking a closer understanding to our physical bodies, LORE was created to evolve this balance. Practicing mindfulness through movement can strengthen your being and relieve physical tension.



We deliver a curation of deeply connected, plant-based and all-natural innovations from across the earth. Balancing luxury with natural simplicity, Lore offers a sophisticated and new-age approach to wellness.



Through clarity and peacefulness of mind, connection to the world and people around you is inevitable. LORE uses science to promote a healthy body-mind-earth relationship, while creating a sanctuary amidst the urban noise.



The earth’s natural beauty and infinite energy are embodied in all aspects of LORE’s haven. We shape the elegance of flora into the promises of individuality, awakening your dormant afterglow and inviting your inner appreciation.


Take a moment to breathe, focus inwards and take care of yourself.
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